Cervical Factor Infertility Treatment

Cervical Factor:

Post-Coital Test (PCT): In cervical factor infertility treatment, the cervical mucous is evaluated after intercourse prior to ovulation. It has the appropriate physical characteristics, and to determine whether it supports viable, active sperm for a long time or not. The test is done three days before to expected ovulation (11th to 14th day of a regular 28 days cycle).

Antisperm Antibody Testing: If the woman has abnormal post-coital tests, the couple may be evaluated for antisperm antibodies.

Endometrial Biopsy, (EBx): The lining of the uterus is sampled to see if it is being properly prepared for implantation of the embryo. It also reflects function of the corpus luteum. The biopsy is done 11-12 days after ovulation.

When the mucus lining the cervix is very thick, cervical factor infertility can occur.so, impending the sperm of a man from progressing past the cervix. This procedure can also occur when a woman produces antibodies that attack and also kill the sperm before the sperm can enter the cervix. Intrauterine insemination or IUI procedure treatment is often the first choice for cervical factor infertility.

The cervix is the opening between the uterus and vagina and the cervix is lined by several small glands, called cervical glands, which generally produce mucus. Once the sperms are ejaculated, they travel through the mucus from the vagina through the cervix and enter into the uterus. The mucus act as nourish provider to the sperm. If the cervical mucus is not sufficient, then the sperm can’t reach and fertilize the egg.

Estrogen accelerates the cervical mucus production and lowers the levels of the hormone, which can lead to a decrease or thickened the cervical mucus, which reduces sperm transport. Sometimes progesterone is also given to improve the quality of the mucus. Clomid like medications lowers the estrogen levels and negatively affect the cervical mucus.

After intercourse, the post-coital test is used to determine the capability of sperm to survive in the cervical mucus. After intercourse, a sample of mucus is obtained and examined under a microscope. If a number of dead or immobile sperm are seen, it signifies a possible antibody reaction. This happens when the immune system of the female by mistakenly take the sperms as pathogens and destroy them. in some of the cases, the male produces antibodies to his own sperm.

When the cervical factor fertility is diagnosed, the first treatment is intrauterine semination or IUI treatment procedure. In an IUI treatment procedure, the sperms are collected, concentrated and washed and directly inserted into the uterus by using a small catheter. Remember that the sperms should be washed properly, otherwise the unwashed sperms can cause severe infection and the infected sperms should not be placed in the uterus. IUI treatment procedure bypasses the cervical mucus ensure that the sperm reaches the uterus. In case three cycles of IUI treatment procedures get fail, the next treatment option is the in vitro fertilization treatment.

All these treatments are done in the Motherhood fertility centre, one of the top fertility treatment centres in Hyderabad.

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