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Egg donation is a very successful option for building a family, because it has higher success rate, compare to using women’s own eggs in In Vitro Fertilization treatment. By using donor eggs which are fertilized with the male partner sperm and then placed in the female partners uterus, providing her the same gestational experience as natural conception which help to form the bond between mother & child. We are using highly screened, healthy young donors, who are giving 75% success rate. Because of its success rate and egg donor service, Motherhood fertility centre is considered as one of the best Egg Donation Centers in Hyderabad.

Egg donors are an essential part of Assisted Reproduction as about 30% of women suffer from infertility because of decreased or absent ovarian reserve. Hormonal injections are given to the egg provider to stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple follicles. Progress of this is monitored through Ultra Sound guided scans at regular intervals.

Who are qualified for Egg Donation?

Women after the age of 40yrs tend to have fewer eggs or poor-quality eggs. Thus, even In Vitro Fertilization treatment and ICSI treatment procedure may not ensure a successful pregnancy.

Egg donation can also be performed on women who had multiple cycles of failed In Vitro Fertilization treatment or ICSI treatment procedure.

Egg donation can be done in younger women whose ovaries have prematurely failed or undergone radiation or chemotherapy, Egg donation is also used in patients who are carrying major chromosomal defects, Patients with tuberculosis and severe endometriosis.

Egg Donation:

In egg donation, an egg is donated from a fertile woman to an infertile woman, that can be used in an assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure like in vitro fertilization treatment. The woman, who is receiving the egg from an egg donor will not be biologically related to the baby but will be the mother on record. The fertilization process from an egg donor and transferring the resulting embryos to the uterus of the recipient. Although the recipient will be the birth mother on record, she will not be biologically related to the baby.

If you are getting interested in egg donation, you are giving hope to several intended parents, who can’t be fulfilling their dream of parenthood. There would be a small chance to have gestational as well as partial genetic bond with their children without egg donor. We, Motherhood fertility centre, a popular egg Donation Centers in Hyderabad understand what a generous and beautiful gift can achieve by egg donation process.

Throughout the egg donation process, our infertility specialists work to ensure that the generous spirit in which an egg donor provides of herself is always met with the warmth and support. This concentration and extensive experience navigating the process of egg donation allows us to cultivate the greatest caliber donor pool and guide both the egg donors as well as intended parents.

The incredible experience:

Our team of the best infertility specialists in Hyderabad and experienced health professionals has earned a reputation from our customers and all the industry acknowledged for this incredible treatment. That’s why we considered the top egg donation clinic in Hyderabad. We, Motherhood fertility centre are proud to provide Egg Donor Service in Hyderabad.

We also provide all the access to educational resources to the egg donors like information about the process of egg donation, legal guidance as well as care management to ensure a smooth and positive outcome. No other Egg Donation Centers in Hyderabad providing our depth of personal and professional experience or works with both egg donors and intended parents.

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