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Cryopreservation techniques is a process, where cells or whole tissues are preserved.

Frozen tissue can be stored indefinitely in liquid nitrogen at -196째C. The freezing of human sperm is an old and well recognised procedure.

Sperm Freezing/Banking

Both husband or donor sperm can be freezed for In Vitro Fertility treatment or natural cycle IUI treatment at a later date, but sperm banking provides backup option if a sample cannot be collected on demand or if sample quality is poor on the day when the eggs are available.

Oocyte Banking

The cryopreservation of human oocytes/eggs would be advantageous to the patient with ovarian disease or any other condition that limits egg production.

Embryo Freezing

Embryo cryopreservation service has been employed successfully for nearly 20 years. Embryo freezing is used to provide alternatives for the ART couple for whom the risk of multiple pregnancy restricts the number of embryos that can be transferred during the treatment cycle. Additionally, embryo banking is done when embryos cannot be transferred during the egg pickup cycle.

How is the Semen obtained in Semen Banking?

A donor who donates the semen after he is screened and tested for various infections such as HIV, Hepatities and other Venereal Disease.

What is Artificial Insemination with Donor sample

Sample (AID) or Donor Insemination (DI): In as many as 30% of infertile couples, the male is responsible for infertility. A significant percentage of these males do not have children despite various treatments including ICSI treatment procedure. The solution is AID or DI.

Who can benefit from AID?

AID (Artificial Insemination Donor) is generally suggested for males with low sperm counts (Oligozoospermia) or zero counts (Azoospermia), where treatment with drugs, surgery and ART like AIH, IUI fertility treatment process and ICSI treatment procedure have proven unsuccessful. It is an acceptable alternative to adoption.

Because of the Cryopreservation and Egg Freezing, Motherhood fertility centre is now becoming the Sperm Freezing (Cryopreservation) Center in Hyderabad.

Multiple embryos can be developed in the in vitro fertilization treatment. After in vitro fertilization treatment, embryo cryopreservation techniques are done, in which the non-transferred embryos can be frozen and processed for future use. With the embryo cryopreservation services, if an individual wants to for in vitro fertilization again, then she can do it without having to undergo another egg retrieval surgery.

The Embryo Cryopreservation Process:

In Vitro Fertilization treatment generally utilize two processes, one is slow freezing or vitrification and another one is rapid freezing to preserve the embryos. Nowadays slow freezing or vitrification process is gaining popularity because of its numerous benefits like it lowers the risk of damage to the cells.

After five to seven days of fertilization, embryos can be frozen from the single cell or pro-nuclear stage to the blastocyst stage at any point. Before they become freeze, the embryos combined with a cryoprotectant solution and lower the freezing point. This is a necessary step to prevent the ice crystal formation inside the cells, which are caused to become damaged.

Frozen embryos are very tough and safely remain frozen for so many times. In fact, two-thirds of embryos can withstand the freezing as well as thawing process. In some of the cases, embryos can be frozen for long 20 years, used to help the couples to start their families.

Freezing the embryos:

Although in vitro fertilization treatment is a safe and simple procedure to attain fertility, but one of the major risks associated with this treatment is that by doing this treatment, you might have multiple pregnancies. And these multiple pregnancies can increase the risk for mother as well as the foetus. Our infertility specialists in Hyderabad working in Motherhood fertility centre, the best fertility treatment centre in Hyderabad, generally recommended transferring only one embryo per In vitro fertilization treatment.

Cryopreservation allows undergoing a transfer of embryo in the future without the requirement of egg retrieval. Instead, patients may donate their frozen embryos to other patients, those help them to have their own baby.

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