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IUI Fertility Treatment Process or Artificial insemination is a technique where fertility is facilitated by inserting several sperms directly into the female gential tract.

It takes 2-3 visits to thoroughly assess both male and female partners.

Female Partner Evaluation: Ideally she should come on D2/D3 of menstrual cycle for hormonal evaluation. Follicular study on day8 of menses for follicle growth, Uterine cavity assessment to rule out endometrial polyps, submucous fibroid intrauterine adhesion etc and also day21 endometrial biopsy, HSG, Diagnostic laparoscopy Hysteroscopy where required.

Male partner Evaluation: Semen analysis after 3D of abstinence, Hormonal evaluation, scrotal Doppler for varicocele.

After thorough examination couple will be counseled regarding their treatment options and also the possible success rate of IUI fertility treatment process in the Motherhood fertility centre, the best fertility treatment centre in Hyderabad. Because of its success rate, now this centre is becoming the best IUI centre in Hyderabad. In the Motherhood fertility centre, the best Infertility Specialist in Hyderabad provides treatments to the infertile couple.

Candidates selection for IUI :

MEN: Men who are unable to ejaculate in the vagina. Causes for ejaculation failure include:


Multiple sclerosis

Spinal cord injury

Retrograde ejaculation

Men with mildly low sperm count

Poor quality sperm or antipserm antibodies. Semen freezed for the future use before vasectomy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer.


Women with mild endometriosis

Women with cervical mucus hostility or poor cervical mucus.

Procedure of IUI:

First stimulation of ovulation and monitoring.

The IUI fertility treatment process can be done in a natural cycle or stimulated cycle.

Natural Cycle: The growth of a single egg in the growing follicle is monitored through vaginal sonography. Once the single follicle has reached an average diameter of 1.8 to 2 cm, an HCG injection is given to bring about ovulation (release of egg from the follicle) and IUI is done after 36 to 40 hours. You can also get eggs from Egg Donation Centres in Hyderabad.

Stimulated Cycle: Multiple egg formation is achieved through drugs such as Cloimphene Citrate, Gonadotropins (FSH or HMG) alone or in combination with GnRh analogues. A key requirement for most ART treatment is the stimulation of multiple follicles for the production of more than one mature egg, as this is generally associated with improved chances of conception. The growth of the egg is monitored through vaginal sonography that shows follicle size and number.

Timing of IUI: In the IUI fertility treatment process, the patient is called for, 36-40 hours after HCG injection (at the time of ovulation). The incidence of ovulation is confirmed through a sonography prior to the insemination. or sometimes two inseminations are performed-one at 24 hours after HCG and the other at 48 hours after HCG.

Semen Production: The husband is given a sterile container. He is asked to collect sample by masturbation in a semen collection room. Alternatively, he can collect the sample at home and bring to the clinic within a period of 30-45 minutes.

Semen Preparation: The semen is processed in the laboratory, using specially imported culture Media. The semen can be processed and washed either by the standard swim-up method or the density gradient method. The stimulated IUI treatment is a short procedure, lasting about 2 hours.

What are the success rates of IUI: The success rates vary from 25-35 % per cycle depending on the cause of infertility. The best results are seen among patients with cervical factor infertility and semen count not less than 20 million per ml.

Let’s discuss IUI fertility treatment process or also called as Intrauterine insemination, which is the most popular infertility treatments available today.


In the IUI Fertility Clinic,the sperm from the male is put into the uterus of the woman during the time of her ovulation so that fertilization can occur. This stimulated IUI treatment process is timed along with the period cycle of a woman or the medications she is using to enhance her process of ovulation. In IUI, the sperms collected from men are “washed” and concentrated and placed directly into the uterus so that the sperms get closer to the egg. In this way, IUI fertility treatment process is less physically taxing than any other fertility treatments.


Due to its non-complexed process than in vitro fertilization treatment or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, the IUI infertility treatment for male infertility as well as female factor infertility, it is the first choice and often advised by the health professionals also.

It does not need excessive medication and it is less invasive than in vitro fertilization treatment.

It is cheaper than any other fertility treatments, although it’s the cost of medication and monitoring are different.

IUI fertility treatment process usually takes only a few minutes and creates very little discomfort.

Sometimes in the time of IUI fertility treatment, your fertility specialist may recommend that you have a stimulated IUI treatment with the goal of increasing the number of sperms that reach at the fallopian tubes to boost the chance of fertilization. It can also be utilized as an additional intervention process if all “the traditional method” has been insufficient to produce a pregnancy after a few cycles. This treatment is also used by same-sex couples or single women if she wants to become pregnant without a male partner.

Stimulated IUI treatment, also called as Intrauterine insemination is a relatively low-risk treatment than other ART treatments like in vitro fertilization treatment that can be a wonderful option for many women or those couples, who are trying to conceive. If you have had difficulty to conceive or have questions regarding your conception, you can consult with our OB-GYN or fertility specialist present in the Motherhood fertility centre, the best infertility hospital in Hyderabad. We have the best infertility specialists in Hyderabad. Our specialists can help you to determine the best course and help you to achieve the most wonderful feeling of parenthood.

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