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Embryo Donation

The embryo donation process is similar to Egg Donation process carried out in the fertility centres in Hyderabad. But here both the eggs and sperms are derived from donors. Motherhood fertility centre, the best IVF center and also considered as one of the leading embryo donation center in Hyderabad.

Who can opt for embryo donation?

All the individuals, who are capable to donate are also eligible for embryo donation. Here egg & sperm both belongs to donors. If the couple has no objection in using donor sperm, it is a preferable method of choice and recommended by Dr. Rohini Devi,  the best infertility specialist in Hyderabad.

What is the pregnancy rate with embryo donation?

The pregnancy rate is 40 – 50% per cycle. The reason for the high pregnancy rate is excellent quality embryos and also by using hormones, the uterine receptivity of these embryos is increased. Because of its high pregnancy rate of embryo donation process, Motherhood fertility centre is becoming the best embryo donation centre in Hyderabad.

How is Embryo Donation performed?

Embryo donation process is similar to egg donation. This is similar to egg donation.

Embryo donation process utilizes donated embryos anonymously by infertile couples for the purpose of having their own baby. Generally, the availability of embryos is very low and the embryo donation process does not provide the wide variety of choices that egg donation and sperm donation permits. Motherhood fertility centre is one of the popular embryo donation clinics in Hyderabad, where the embryo donation process is done at an affordable rate by the best fertility doctors in Hyderabad and also one of the best surrogacy centres in Hyderabad.

At, Motherhood fertility centre, the best fertility centre in Hyderabad help those couples who need donated embryos to fulfil their dream of having own child. The experience of our best infertility specialists in Hyderabad providing fertility treatment utilizing donated eggs, sperm and embryos enable us to establish a safe and secure environment for potential embryo donors and adopters to meet and then speed up the matching process to start the treatment of embryo transfer process more quickly.

We also have an embryo donors community in our embryo donation center, where the people actively considering embryo donation process. It is designed to enable a connection between potential recipients and the embryo donors in a safe as well as secure environment.

The persons, who are considering donating their embryos will undergo medical assessments, genetic screening, and infectious and compulsory counselling to enhance the emotional as well as legal implications of the embryo donation process. Along with embryo donation, the centre is considered as one of the excellent egg donation centers in Hyderabad and also one of the leading surrogacy clinics, pgd treatment centres and one of the best iui centre in hyderabad.

The embryo donation process is a pure, unselfish gift which means the donor cannot be paid but the recipient should fulfil all the expenses incurred in making the donation.

The individuals, who have completed their families by IVF treatment in the best ivf center in Hyderabad and have extra embryos in storage, those will often consider for embryo donation as one of the options available for them without wasting it.

The embryo donors consider embryo donation process for several reasons, like:

A belief, that is ethically preferable to donate rather than just dispose of the remaining embryos.

A feeling of kindness for those couples who are struggling with infertility.

Embryo donation process can occur between a donor and receptor known to each other as relatives or friends, or facilitated through Motherhood fertility centre, the leading embryo donation centre in Hyderabad, who do not know each other personally.

Although the medical process of embryo donation process is relatively simple, the emotional process is quite difficult. The most essential aspect of the embryo donation process is adequate counselling and the consideration of all of the surrounding problems for the donor as well as their family.

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