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Surrogacy is otherwise called as third-party parenting. Third party parenting is a collective term for egg donation, Embryo adoption, Gestational surrogacy, Donor Insemination and adoption of a child. These procedures are optional for the infertile women, who cannot produce healthy eggs for some reasons or not having proper gestational environment for a pregnancy or when the man cannot produce healthy sperm or fail in male infertility treatment in Hyderabad.

The choice of the surrogate is best to leave it to the best infertility doctors in Hyderabad working in the best fertility centre, as they choose suitable lady. Our Surrogacy Doctors in Hyderabad choose suitable surrogate mothers with good endometrium. Because of the success rate of surrogacy, Motherhood fertility centre is considered as the best fertility centre in Hyderabad and also the best surrogacy centre in Hyderabad.

Recruitment: Our Surrogates are recruited by the best infertility specialist in Hyderabad and they are professional in Assisted Reproductive Technology bank (ART Bank).

Background checks

All necessary background checks are done with the help of concerned authorities in the surrogacy clinics in Hyderabad.

Medical- Psychological checks:

They test locally for all sexually transmitted diseases.

The surrogate mother is brought to surrogacy hospitals in Hyderabad, where our psychiatrist will counsel them in detail.

There after we do advanced blood tests including a chromosomal analysis.

This is followed by hormonal assays and a trans-vaginal scan to assess their own fertility in the IUI centres in Hyderabad.

Selection :

Then if the surrogate mother passes through all these tests in the surrogacy centres in Hyderabad, they undergo a dummy transfer wherein all medications are given for a trial cycle without actually transferring any embryos by the best fertility doctors in Hyderabad. This is done to assess her systemic response to hormonal therapy. Once a prospective surrogate clears all these steps, she is counselled and is enlisted in our program.

We follow the working guidelines of ASRM strictly and do all the necessary tests for surrogates as well as donors. The surrogate mothers enlisted in the surrogacy clinics in Hyderabad mostly prefer our best ivf centres in hyderabad because of the comfortability and security guidelines we provide. That’s why now Motherhood fertility centre is becoming the best surrogacy center in Hyderabad.

Surrogacy treatment is the procedure in which a woman carries as well as delivers a baby for another couple. The woman is called as the surrogate mother. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother may provide the eggs. And in gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother simply carries the baby conceived with the egg of another woman. The surrogate mother waives all her parental rights and acknowledges to give the baby right after the delivery to the intended parents, according to the surrogacy centres in Hyderabad.

Nowadays surrogacy treatment is gaining popularity and there are also many surrogacy hospitals in Hyderabad for providing better service in terms of surrogacy. Surrogacy treatment not only allows the parents to take all control of their own reproductive option but also, they can create their own families that share their genetic bonds. Those children born through surrogacy treatment are normal, genetically baby of their parents. This is a very good option over other reproductive options.

Couples or women choose often surrogacy procedure because they are unable to conceive or can’t carry a pregnancy to full term. The common reasons behind the surrogacy are, missing or having an abnormal uterus, multiple times unexplained pregnancy miscarriages, multiple failed in in vitro fertilization treatment or a bad health condition of the intended mother.

Surrogacy centre:

In Motherhood fertility centre, one of the leading fertility centres in Hyderabad, our best infertility doctors arranges and oversees the overall surrogacy procedures. Our surrogacy centre provides full services like recruiting as well as evaluating the potential surrogate mothers, arranging all clinical processes, taking care of the surrogacy treatment during the pregnancy period, arranging all the legal services in support of the surrogacy treatment and offers counselling to the intended parents in the surrogacy centres in Hyderabad.

In some cases, surrogacy hospitals in Hyderabad are owned and operated by large surrogacy centres in Hyderabad and thus has financial incentives to give all clinical services for their sponsored centre. Motherhood fertility centre is an independent & the best fertility hospital in Hyderabad and receives no financial incentives to sell unnecessary treatments.

Egg Donor:

In several cases, the intended mother can’t give her own eggs for many medical reasons. In these circumstances, a donated egg can be used. The donated eggs are available in many egg Donation Centers in Hyderabad or a couple can take the help of their relatives or friends to provide a donated egg. Motherhood, fertility centre, one of the egg donor agencies is a very reliable option for you where an egg donor is best managed by the best infertility specialist in Hyderabad.

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