Useful Faq’s

Useful Faq's

What Is Infertility?
Is the Infertility only the female problem?
What are the common reasons for infertility in both males and females?
How common is Infertility problem?
What is IUI?
What is IVF?
How long does IVF cycle takes time?
What are the precautions, I should take after the IVF procedure?
If the IVF fails first time, how many times will I have to undergo the same procedure?
Is IVF expensive procedure and pain full procedure?
Is admission required for IVF procedure?
For recurrent abortions also need to consult infertility specialist?
Are there any side effects for infertility treatment?
What is ICSI?
What is the success rate of ICSI?
What are the Options if the Woman more than 40 Years Age?
What is surrogacy?
What are the types of Surrogacy?
Does Motherhood Fertility Centre provides surrogacy services?
If the baby born by IVF treatment, is it healthy baby?
What is normal semen analysis?
What is Recanalisation?
Are you arrange legal adviser for surrogate?
Can you preserve our eggs, embryos and semen & how long can we preserve them?
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